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Ariane 5

Since the first successful launch of the Ariane 5 rocket in 1998, the Ariane 5 rocket has been launched more than 100 times. The Ariane 5 rocket has proved its reliability and has placed many European satellites in orbit around the Earth.

Microtechniek Special Products has manufactured various components since the initial launch. Over time the delivery contract has expanded from Mechanical Ground Support Equipment to the components of engine mounts for the first and second stage of the rocket.
These components are coated with a thermal protection layer and assembled to engine mounts.

© Photo slider: ESA–Pierre Carril – “Galileo is a joint initiative between the European Space Agency and the European Commission.”
© ESA – “Ariane 5 is an ESA program, designed and developed by CNES for ESA and which exploitation is entrusted to Arianespace”.


BepiColombo, is Europe’s first mission to Mercury. In 2018 BepiColombo will leave for a trip to the smallest and least explored planet in our solar system. When she arrives on Mercury in late 2024 for its mission of one year, with a possible extension of another year, BepiColombo will be collecting data under temperature conditions of greater than 350 ° C. The mission consists of two spacecrafts: the Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO) and the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO).

Microtechniek Special Products has worked on the Solar panels as well as the modular build test frame for the solar panels.

© ESA – “Bepi Colombo is a mission of the European Space Agency (ESA)”
© ESA–Christophe Carreau.


The Vega booster rocket helps to make Space more accessible for smaller European satellites. The booster rocket is 30 meters high with a 3 meters diameter. Airbus Defence and Space Nederland jointly develop the ‘interstage 1/2 ” of the booster rocket, including the separation mechanism. Vega is Europe’s most cost effective booster rocket for satellites of 300 to 2500 kg, for scientific and Earth observation missions in a low Earth orbit. Vega is named after the third brightest star in the northern hemisphere.

The moulds in which the structure parts of the rocket are being assembled as well as the structure parts themselves are being manufactured by Microtechniek Special Products.

© ESA – “Vega is an ESA program which exploitation is entrusted to Arianespace”.