Project Description

Galileo is a system of thirty satellites hovering above the earth at an altitude of 23,000 kilometers. According to the ESA  90 percent of the world’s population is therefore able to determine its position at any given time. Including the north and South Pole area where GPS is barely usable under normal circumstances.  On the surface fourteen stations are responsible for control and the connections.

The satellites, each with a unique code, transmit radio signals that indicate the exact time when the signal was sent. Based on the signals of four different Galileo satellites, a receiver on the earth surface can then determine its own position or the location of a stationary or moving object up to a meter to accurately.

© foto 1 ESA–Jacky Huart,
© foto 2 ESA–Pierre Carril
© foto 3 ESA–Pierre Carril
Galileo is a joint initiative between the European Space Agency and the European Commission.